What will the restaurant business be like after Covid-19?

That is something that nobody knows, but we can reflect a bit on it, starting from the previous situation.

In the last 20 years, the restaurant business has grown very strongly throughout the world, and new physical and online food establishments have been continuously created. It was one of the fashion businesses, and the secret of its growth and popularity was offering food at low prices.

And for food to be cheap, all of its costs had to be cheap. From the products they offered, the wages they paid to workers, what they paid to distributors, etc …

Everything was cheap except the prices that were rented in the cities. And the restaurant owner had to solve a difficult equation to survive.

And we were used to that, that many people ate out of the house because it was very cheap, without in general realizing that this was at the expense of many they had very low wages. And we, as greedy consumers, have a part of the responsibility for that situation.

We also saw that “chains” of restaurants were formed and that some bought from others to continue growing. They had to grow to get high turnover with low margins, and thus survive.

Then we get the Covid-19, people stay home and the restaurants close, with the immediate consequence that many people go unemployed. But many of those who were part of this “business” with precarious and variable income according to activity, have been left without that income.

Like many others in other activities.

When the coronavirus “climax” passes, people are not going to rush back to restaurants. Partly for fear of contagion and partly for saving, after realizing how important it is to have something in the bank account in case of need.

The restaurants are quite flexible and their operation is not complex. That’s why they have grown so much.

And that flexibility will allow them to adapt to the changes that come, whatever they are. What remains to be seen is how many restaurants we will use in the future, and whether we will have a society where decent wages are paid even if the resulting products are somewhat more expensive.

We have all had a few weeks to reflect. Hopefully we have learned something and that after that reflection it turns out that we have a greater social conscience.

The “best” is not always the cheapest, but what is most “fair”.

I wish the restoration the best of luck, and that they are able to find new ways for their development.

It interests me as a consumer, even if it costs me a little more.

I’m an electronic engineer interested in technologies and the society around me