What appeared to be a rarity for vegan people is becoming a trend that is growing. Today, plant-based meat is found in many food chains and is being consumed by young people who are concerned about their health.

Chains like Ikea announce that more than half of their restaurant chain will offer it between now and 2025. And other multinationals like Unilever will put it on sale as one more product from their portfolio

New start-ups are constantly appearing that offer different varieties of this type of vegetable meat, and as soon as they grow a bit they are bought by other large food companies already established in the market.

It is a market that is moving a lot. And the Covid-19 pandemic has come to sensitize people a little more about the environmental impact of the meats we consume.

Vegetable meat (apart from the ethical and environmental issue) has some advantages: they have less fat, do not carry cholesterol, and are low in purines (they can cause gout).

But also some disadvantages: the disadvantage in the quality of its proteins (they do not have the essential amino acids) and the total lack of vitamin B12.

All the food majors, Nestlé, etc … are entering this market and that means something. That their consumption is increasing and that in the next few years there will be billions of dollars of a growing business that they do not want to lose.

The flavor is very clear to me that it will not be the same and I doubt that it will be comparable in the future, but for many people it will be enough if it comes a little closer.

But it is clear that if we really want to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, the consumption of meat is an issue to consider.

Raising animals for our food is resource intensive. A third of our agriculture and water consumption is used to feed the animals we eat.

And it’s also clear to me that in the near future the meat market will evolve and will become more varied with new vegetable modalities. That is why large companies are positioning themselves in it.

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