It’s not Gig Economy, it’s slavery

Do not be fooled by new buzzwords, such as the “Gig Economy” to define a series of businesses based on not paying or paying their workers very little.

That is a kind of slavery, pure and simple.

In the world there are millions of people who work in new businesses based on providing very cheap services based on not paying salaries to those who perform those services.

Those of us who receive these services are very happy to pay very little for them, but we do not realize that it is a great lie based on the exploitation of many other people.

Many delivery companies have been created for all kinds of products (food, electrical appliances, etc …), in which the fact of sending something to our house is barely paid, or is advertised as “free”. These companies bill billions, and their managers pocket millions every year while the people who make the deliveries are listed as self-employed entrepreneurs, when they are neither entrepreneurs nor nothing. They are poorly paid people.

They are people without any employment rights, who do their work for the tip and little else. Something very similar to what 200 years ago was called slavery.

These people are not slaves since they can move freely, and they can change from a bad job to an equally bad one.

But make no mistake, those are their chances.

I believe that as a society we must reflect and call things by their name. No euphemisms or hoaxes.

We must pay for the services we receive what they really cost, on the basis that the people who perform them get decent wages. No deception or subterfuge.

The more we work from home (and this is going to happen in the future), the more people will buy more things online that will be carried by this type of logistics company, and we will have to pay what that service costs fairly.

Companies cannot be allowed to impose their conditions unilaterally, since they will always tend to squeeze the weakest part, that is, the worker. And that’s what the laws are for.

In these times of misinformation (they call it Fake News) we have to face the new words that cover up the exploitation of many people. Slavery was abolished many years ago, and now some are trying to offer it under a very suggestive name: Gig Economy.

Let’s not be fooled !!

I’m an electronic engineer interested in technologies and the society around me