I’m tired of the news of flying cars

And I say this because of the enormous amount of news that appears in the media about the different concepts of flying cars and the false idea that they transmit to people.

It is one thing to be able to put an object in flight, and quite another thing is that that vehicle can fly and transport people safely. And that’s the key word, security.

The less an object weighs the easier it is to put it in the air, but making that object move in the air safely is a very different matter.

It started with drones. Small devices weighing a few grams to capture images from the air, and what began as almost a game has become an increasingly important industry.

They are very useful devices that do not have excessive weight, do not transport people and that operate in places where there are no people around but must comply with safety regulations so as not to generate accidents.

Air delivery drones have the problem that they must fly over populated spaces with the risk they pose to people and that is why they have not yet been approved. And it will be difficult for them to be, although they are already receiving the first partial certifications.

Flying cars and other similar vehicles represent a very different problem, which is that of safety in flight, both for those inside the car and for those on the ground.

Air safety is one of the most serious things and follows very demanding operating guidelines.

For a product to be allowed to fly, it must pass an aviation certification that takes several years to acquire, where all the characteristics of the product are analyzed.

Once the certification is passed, the aircraft must fly following the guidelines established by the corresponding civil aviation, without going out from the flight plan and the air routes assigned to it.

Thanks to the seriousness of the aeronautical regulations applied, so few air accidents occur, and when one does happen the details of the same are analyzed deeply to establish the causes and the appropriate corrective actions so that it does not happen again.

Putting people in the air is a very serious thing that should be treated with due seriousness, and not with the “joy” that the news of flying cars does. I think the “communicators” are far from being responsible.

I am aware that technology advances by leaps and bounds and that new things can be achieved every time, but the security that we have achieved in air transport cannot be diminished.

Before we “really” see a car flying officially and certified I think many years will have passed and then we will see in what conditions they can do it.

I’m an electronic engineer interested in technologies and the society around me