Are you worried about how facial recognition is used?

Well, you should be. Because it is increasingly used and there is currently no control over what is being done with it.

There are many technological companies developing facial recognition programs, which are linked to other AI and “machine learning” to improve the results of their analysis.

The results obtained are offered to various organizations, companies, etc … that implement and exploit in their own way and as best suits them.

And they all give the same and simple explanation: Don’t worry, we do this to make your life easier, more comfortable and safer. And some add: If you are not a criminal you have nothing to fear.

Which is a great lie, but as it is repeated by many people, some naive people may end up believing it.

There are scientific studies that warn that facial expressions and other external patterns of action are not reliable indicators of a person’s behavior, which undermines attempts by some authorities to predict the criminal behavior of some people.

In this field, perhaps the most important requirement is transparency.

The authorities should make public the applications that are used, and in what environment and with what objectives they are applied. To let us know what is done with the data obtained by the cameras, and how the privacy of each citizen is maintained.

In Europe, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) has published recommendations to be followed to be applied in these types of programs, but they should be mandatory standards adopted by all European governments.

They have also commented that they will ban facial recognition for a few years (3 to 5?) to allow time to regulate it

In general, I do not understand the passivity of politicians with this issue.

Technology itself is not good or bad, and it can have many positive things. What is needed is to regularize it to make sure we don’t lose any of our rights.

How difficult it must be to understand if they are taking so long to do so?

I’m an electronic engineer interested in technologies and the society around me